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Nje sherbim i ri per biznesin tuaj per te ulur riskun nga aksidentet ne pune dhe rritur eficencen ne pune te puntoreve.

Nepermjet eksperteve tane, Ju ofrojme nje sherbim te kualifikuar dhe eficent gjithnje te fokusuar ne permirsimin e kushteve te punes dhe uljen e riskut per aksidente te shkaktuar nga pakujdesite gjate punes.

Puna jone mbeshtetet ne Ligjin 10237 date 18.2.2010 Per Sigurine dhe Shendetin ne Pune, Dhe Vendimin 108 date 9.2.2011


HEALTH & SAFETY AT WORK  (SISHP) – is a consulting company that provides qualified expertise through a network of different experts developing a high and qualified standard activity at law cost thanks to the efficiency of the organization of the company.

The services  are  very demanding, especially in specific technical areas, so there are difficulties associated with the complexity of the topics treated.

Our strength in the field of safety and hygiene at work, based on the experience of our professionals, each very specialized and skilled in different fields. Thanks to their professionalism can offer and guarantee a more effective and efficient service.

SISHP professionals are able to assist , support and advice the company to respect all legal regulations in force, their adaptation with  requirements of the enterprise :

–          Identification of Risk that has every job posistion and company

–          Risk Analysis and  proposals to eliminate permanently the risks

–          Risk Evaluation document, necessary for each company, through assessment and analysis of each work position to find the situations with risk and preparing a planning of measures for its reduction or elimination in accordance with the Law no. 10237 dt. 18.2.2010 (For Health and safety in the Work Place)  and by Gov. Decision no. 108, Dt 9.2.2011.

–          Make the assessment  of the causes that have caused an accident at work and make their analysis.

–          Fire Risk Assessment, in order to adopt necessary security measures to protect the lives of workers and other persons who are in the workplace. These measures should include protection from hazards, informing and training to workers and technological measures to be taken.

–          Make the assessment of workload, physical exhaustion, mental stress etc.

–          To make an assessment of the psychosocial aspects associated with the workplace, such as violence, stress and other elements.

–          Risk assessment that can lead to the use of chemical substances, biological and physical as well as to propose measures for their elimination.

–          Sanitary assessment of work places (work rooms, work place, work lighting , sanitary facilities, rest facilities)

–          To identify and analyze the causes that may bring the risk of occupational diseases

–          Assessing the risk from exposure to noise and vibration.

–          Ergonomy of work  (way of using the equipment, interaction with them, training for a correct use of them)

–          To build the contingency  plan and build the operational plan of safe and security

–          Prepare monthly, quarterly and annually, by category belonging to the company.

–          Check that subcontractors have taken the necessary measures concerning the safety and health at work.

– To suggest training to staff on issues related to Safety and Health at Work, whenever it considers necessary, when new personnel recruited, or when changing job positions and equipment or technology.

Prepares the emergency procedures for the implementation of the immediate risk .

All above mentioned activities will be conducted by certified specialists and with the right competence to perform the necessary analysis and extraction of conclusions for the preparation of reports on the situation in the work environment and providing recommendations for their improvement.


Intervention will be done with proper methodology and based on safety and health labour lows as well as International Standards (Social Accountability SA8000 and ISO 18001), in respect to human rights, employee rights, prohibition of exploitation of minors labor and health and safety in the workplace.

For further information you may need  please feel free to contact us , or visit the website .

Best Regards

Thoma Melo


SISHP shpk

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